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The venue is located in a green area of ​​5 acres, in a place with natural beauty.

The stone steps of our main entrance lead to a large garden with lawn, ornamental plants and flowers, pines, and our hallmark leafy arbor. A waterfall made with large rocks of the estate completes the marvelous scene and composes a dreamlike backdrop. The panoramic view of the Evian Gulf and of the Ayioi Apostoloi’ marina with palm trees all along the coastal route exudes calm and travels your mind.

Weddings, christenings, parties and business events can be accommodated in the lush outdoors in summer or in the beautifully decorated indoor venue with fireplace and marvelous sea view in winter.

Within walking distance from our venue are the total white chapel of Santa Marina by the sea, and the stone chapel of Santa Kyriaki on the mountain through the pine forest that both can accommodate your wedding or your baptism.